Vision, Mission & Objectives

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The Vision of the alumni association is, “To execute the mantle of knowledge, values and skills gained to the society”.


The Mission of the alumni association is, “To provide assistance as agents of change, mentors and guides in the area of social, educational, environmental and health & well-being as per the societal needs”.

Objectives of PEAA

  1. To perform effectively different roles in the society.
  2. To empower the various sections of the society using the competencies acquired by the alumni.
  3. To transmit values like sincerity, sympathy, empathy, humility, compassion, co-operation, self-esteem and truthfulness.
  4. To encourage creativity among the alumni when dealing with various problems faced by the society.
  5. To provide opportunities to exhibit leadership qualities to organize and conduct various activities.
  6. To create environmental consciousness and concern among the people of the society.
  7. To develop sensitivity towards social issues and concerns of the people in the society.
  8. To help the members of the society become part of the solution to the problems faced by all.