Duty Allocation 2016-18

B.Ed. First Year Semester I

Course No.Name of the CourseTeachers Teaching
Course 1 Childhood And Growing UpMs. Geeta S. Thakur
Ms. Bhavna Dave
Ms. Namrata Saxena
Course 2 Contemporary India And EducationMs. Bindu Tambe
Ms. Pradnya Jadhav
Dr. Geeta R. Thakur
Course 3.
Pedagogy of School Subject I
Section 1 ScienceMs. Bindu Tambe
MathematicsMs. Geeta S. Thakur
Hindi/Marathi Ms. Pradnya Jadhav
EnglishMs. Smitha Kurup
History/Geography Ms. Bhavna Dave
Economics/Commerce Dr. Geeta R. Thakur
Course 3.
Section 2
Understanding Disciplines And School SubjectsMs. Smitha Kurup
Dr. Geeta R. Thakur
Ms. Geeta S. Thakur
Ms. Bindu Tambe
EPC-1Reading & Reflecting On Texts Ms. Bhavna Dave

B.Ed. First Year Semester II

Course No.Name of the courseTeachers teaching
Course 4 Knowledge And Curriculum Ms. Bindu Tambe
Dr. Geeta R. Thakur
Ms. Bhavna Dave
Course 5Learning And TeachingMs. Geeta S. Thakur
Ms. Pradnya Jadhav
Ms. Bhavna Dave
Course 6 Assessment For LearningDr. Sally Enos
Ms. Namrata Saxena
Ms. Alpana Sharma
EPC-2Drama And Art In EducationDr. Geeta R. Thakur
Ms. Alpana Sharma

Portfolio Distribution

Faculty in-chargePortfolio Assigned
Dr. Sally Enos Grievance Redressal Cell and all others
Dr. Geeta R. Thakur Sports/Picnic, Indoor games, Anti-ragging Cell, Global citizenship club, Book review, March 2017 Seminar
Ms. Bhavna DavePractice Teaching, Women Development Cell, Grievance Redressal Cell, Student council, PJERT, October Seminar
Ms. Geeta S. Thakur Website updation, Well-being Club, Placement Cell, Staff Secretary, Community Service
Ms. Namrata Saxena Nature club, Community Service
Ms. Bindu Tambe Examination, Nature club
Ms. Pradnya Jadhav Co-curricular activities, Editorial committee (Magazine), Literary Club
Ms. Smitha Kurup Editorial committee (Magazine and newsletter), Literary Club